Windows Active Directory

Windows Active Directory
Software Features
  • Provides easy-to-use wizards to quickly and flawlessly add and manage domains, create and manage organizational units, create and manage groups, and move users between groups.
  • Enables adding and managing users in Active Directory in few simple steps
  • Enables configuring logon hours on computers having multiple users' accounts
  • Enables you to open and access the shell properties of Remote computer's shares and further manage user rights on that share
  • Allows managing single and group attributes of all Active Directory objects
  • Facilitates easy install, control and start up services on multiple computer objects simultaneously
  • Lets you to add, delete, enable, disable, unlock, move multiple users, groups and computers
  • Facilitates you to edit permissions for already added users and add and set rights for the newly added users
  • Provides user with excellent Remote Shares functionality
  • Facilitates the creation of bulk users from CSV file
  • Eases single and bulk computer management on remote site
  • Saves significant time by providing a central location to perform all Windows Server Active Directory management related tasks
  • Simplifies events management on remote computers with 'Remote Control' option
  • Comprises built-in system tools
  • Comprises built-in tool to query Windows 7 active directory
  • Enables you to create and execute Windows Management Instrumentation queries
  • Simplifies services and device management
  • Allows managing scheduled tasks and creating new jobs schedule from a central location
  • Helps managing network shares for all computers without letting the administrator to stop over every computer in a domain
  • Eases printers' management
  • Eases moving users between organizational units and groups
  • Eases copying multiple users and groups to server with 'Copy to Server' option
  • Provides easy viewing of group membership of multiple users, groups and computers
  • Provides wizards to create and manage users' account and password policies, GPOs, etc
  • Automatically generates a wide range of Active Directory reports (general and audit) to help the administrator have updated information about all Active Directory objects

Windows Active Directory Management

Version Update:
LADM 13.09.01 is now available!

Windows Active Directory is very handy and facilitates many organizations with a central repository where admin can save important information about employee, computers, printers, servers, domains, and groups. The platform not just permits in saving and managing vital information in an organized way but simultaneously allows easy modification of stored information. Windows Active Directory provides different options to modify the stored information. Now, every Active Directory object consists of a list of attributes which play a very decisive role in customizing the information pertaining to Active Directory (AD) objects like users, devices, computers, domains, groups, printers, services, etc. However, Windows Server Active Directory stores information in a well-organized manner, when it comes to perform operation like managing information in Active Directory, it gets lot tougher for Active Directory administrators.

Lepide Active Directory Manager simplifies the entire procedure of managing Windows Active Directory objects for local and remote users, printers, computers, etc. Every version of Windows operating system including Windows Server family provides Microsoft Management Console snap-ins to help the administrator managing AD objects. However, the real matter of concern is that administrators are not always very much competent in working with Microsoft Management Console snap-ins. Adding to that there are other situation as well where events, services, and device snap-ins gets limited to local computer. As a result, it nearly gets too hard for you to manage events and device on remote computers from a central location. Lepide Active Directory Manager offer a platform to administrators where they can easily manage all Active Directory objects including services, tasks, events and devices.

Lepide Active Directory Manager : making AD management tasks easy as never before

Comprising multiple Active Directory management tools in a single application, Lepide Active Directory Manager enables the administrator to add and manage domains, add and manage users in Active Directory, query Active Directory, monitor domain controller, etc. without personally visiting work stations in a domain. Many business giants because of its following outstanding features recommend the software

The intuitive user interface of the software makes it interesting to manage Windows 7 active directory objects by enabling the administrator to perform difficult tasks in easiest way. Moreover, the software facilitates the administrator to create and manage users' mailboxes on Exchange Server.

Free Demo version

Lepide Active Directory Manager is also available for free trial of 15 days. During the free trial period, windows server active directory software can be thoroughly evaluated to confirm its potential. The software fully supports Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and other latest versions of Windows operating systems.


Client Testimonials

I came across your product by chance and those bulk management features I was looking for, were atlast found.

Matthew Balmer

Clean tool. I never thought I would be able to manage so many things(AD Objects, Users, Printers, WMI, Exchange, Shares) under one console and yes, Reports(custom and in-built). Thank you guys!!

Erik Cortese